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Welcome to Cindy's Whims! My earliest memories are of drawing pictures and painting them. I've worked with watercolors, oils, pastels, acrylics and now Copic Markers! In fact I recently became a Certified Copic Designer. I discovered scrapbooking back in 1994 and was immediately addicted. Back then we didn't have much -- cardstock, stickers and decorative stickers. I would "jazz" up my pages by drawing pictures and coloring them with colored pencils. Now we have so much more to work with -- embellishments, ribbons, buttons, and flowers. I am inspired by everything around me - magazine covers, the way the light shines on the gate post, fabric patterns, you name it!. I named my blog "off on a whim" because that is how my artistic tendancies flow -- I get really excited when something catches my attention and I follow that whim until I see something else bright and shiny! I am married to my amazingly wonderful and supportive husband and I am mom to two grown daughters.